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Mission Impawsible

Becca Norton

  I have always loved animals, and have worked many jobs and internships working with rodents, livestock, exotics, and companion animals over the years.

   Born and raised in the Boston area, I just graduated from UMass Amherst with a bachelor's degree in Pre-Veterinary Science. During my time at UMass, I became involved with a service dog training program in November of 2016 that has a partnership with UMass, allowing students to foster and train a dog alongside their regular studies. 

  I have since fostered many of the program's service dogs in training for short periods, and am now on my second full-time foster dog. My first dog, Ferris, who was already a year old when our journey began, was with me for about 8 months before he was placed as a seizure response dog for a young girl. My second dog, Mimzy, was just 12 weeks old when I began fostering her and is well on her way to becoming an amazing service dog by the time she turns two years old in the summer of 2019.  

  Through this program, I discovered a love for training and decided that vet school wasn't for me. I recently moved up to NH with my boyfriend, and found Mission Impawsible, which seemed like the perfect place to further my training knowledge and start my career.