Sandra Courtemanche​Grooming Client

Once again beautiful grooming job! Would not take the boys anywhere else!

Our family wants to thank all of you over there at Mission Impawsible for caring for our dogs Kloe & Tyson. They seemed to have had an awesome time making new friends!


We offer a full service all-breed dog grooming facility. Come meet our professional and knowledgeable staff.

  All full grooming appointments will include:

  • brushing out
  • hair cut (as applicable)
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • bathing
  • anal gland expression
  • blow dry

Prices range from $25 - $100 depending on size of dog and coat condition

Extra charges may include:

  • excessive de-matting
  • excessive de-shedding
  • specialty shampoo (flea bath, medicated bath, etc.)
  • excessive aggressive behavior
  • full body shaving (due to matting)
  • nail grinding
  • teeth brushing​

Prices range from $8 - $40

Appointments are available from Monday - Saturday mornings
Call ahead for walk-in availability

Call 1-603-642-DOGS(3647) for an appointment.

home away from home . . .


Our personalized boarding services are for all breeds of dogs. Dogs receive seven 30 minute group play/potty times each day in our large fenced yard balanced with peaceful rest time. The kennel area is in a climate controlled building for each dog's comfort. We provide individual attention to all the dogs with affection, one-on-one playtime, as well as, administering medication at no extra cost to you.

What to bring:

  • Enough of your dog's food to last for their time here. (Bag or container)(we have a refrigerator if necessary)
  • Any medications (with instructions)
  • A collar with ID & leash.
  • An up-to-date copy of current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Kennel Cough vaccinations

Rates: (as of June 21, 2018)

  • One dog (per lodging) - $35 per night
  • Two dogs (lodging together) - $62 per night
  • Three dogs (lodging together) - $93 per night

  • No fee for check-out by 10:00am on the last day
  • There is a $25 fee added per dog if check-out is after 10am
  • BONUS: Any dog staying for a full 7 days or longer, will receive a free bath & nail trim on their last day and dog's requesting a full grooming will receive a 25% discount.

There is a $10 additional charge for major holiday days, (i.e.: Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc...)

Drop-off and pick-up times:

  • Monday thru Saturday: between 7am-12pm or 3pm-7pm 
  • Sundays: between 9am-10am or 5pm-6pm
  • Holidays: by appointment only and a $10 fee
  • No fee for check-out by 10:00am on the last day
  • There is a $25 fee added per dog if check-out is after 10am


Let us help with your doggy daycare needs! The daycare is open 5 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, (excluding major holidays) and runs from 7am until 7pm! Our trained staff will supervise your dog while they interact and socialize with other dogs, enjoy ample space to run and play and have a great time while they are here!
Our daycare routine allows dogs to alternate between rest and play, while keeping them stimulated and well cared for.
Dinner is fed at 5:30pm each evening. If you will be picking your dog up after that time, you may want to leave some food here and we will feed dinner for you as well.

Pick up & Drop off Times:

  • Drop offs are between 7am - 9am
  • Pick ups are between 4pm - 7pm

If you require an earlier pick up time, it must be arranged with the daycare staff during drop off.

Prices -
Daily - $25
Packages are available in the following amounts:

6 days = $132

9 days = $198

12 days = $240

20 days = $400

Package can be used anytime and do not expire.



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