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Mission Impawsible


Obstacle course training is not only challenging but fun! Through these classes you and your dog will learn to navigate different types of obstacles and jumps that will help to build confidence and stability. This is a great way to exercise and bond with your dog!

Behavior modification

Is your dog aggressive behavior with you, your family members, or other dogs in your home? Or perhaps, your dog is great with you but will bark and lunge at strangers when out and about. Due to a number of unwanted and sometimes misinterpreted behaviors, people will write off dogs as un-trainable. Don't condemn your dog to a kennel for the rest of his life! Our trainers will work with you to come up with a plan that will leave you and your dog feeling happy, safe and comfortable.


This program consists of (2) private session held in your home and is designed specifically for owners with puppies from 8 to 16 weeks of age. Puppy education helps prevent unwanted behavior and lays the foundation for future obedience training. We will address different aspects of raising a well-adjusted, social and friendly puppy.  Common behavior issues such as house training, play biting, jumping up, chewing, excitement peeing and walking on a leash will be addressed.


The Board and Train option is ideal for owners who are planning to go on a trip or vacation.  Why not have your dog trained while you are away instead of just sitting in a kennel doing nothing.  Come home to a well mannered dog!

Your dog will stay for either two or three weeks, while being taught all the commands included in our programs.  At the pick up time, there will be a go-home lesson where the owners are taught what the dog knows, how to ask for it and how to reinforce it.  There will also be two additional follow-up lessons available to make sure everything is going well at home.

*Book ahead! Spots fill up fast!

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are great for those dog owners who want to be really involved in the initial education of their dog's obedience. With our support, you will learn how to teach your dog the commands and behaviors expected for a well-mannered companion dog. You and your dog will attend a minimum of 4 private lessons, once a week, to assure maximum understanding between both dog and owner. These private lessons require the owner to be very involved in the training and to work with their dogs continuously in between lessons.


We would love to talk with you about your dog! Set up an appointment to meet with the trainer to answer your questions and discuss your training options. There are many different options available to fit your needs.  Meetings with the trainer are always private and free, so let's chat!

Day school 

Day School is a favorite among our clients because it can really be tailored to fit your schedule and your dog's needs. You will drop your dog off each morning and pick him/her each evening for two weeks.  On the last day of the program you will have a go-home lesson with the trainer and then an additional follow-up lesson to be used at your discretion to make sure all is going well.

*Book ahead! Spots fill up fast!